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How to Choose Cushions for Your Living Room

You can fill a living room with as much expensive and visually stunning furniture and accessories as you want but if choosing the right style cushions can make the difference to a beautiful, eye catching living room and one that falls well below its aesthetic potential. But with so many colours, styles and fabrics to choose from it can be hard to decide which cushions will make that all important difference to your space.

You may be thinking that it would be logical for cushions to match your sofa and sometimes you will even see sofas that come with cushions that are the same colour. This however is a poor choice for decoration. Cushions help you add colour and are a point of interest that help to draw more attention to your sofa.

The first thing you will want to do is create a shortlist of colours to use based on the colours already in your room (not your sofa remember). By matching your cushions with the colours and fabrics with carpets, rugs, curtains, lampshades and pictures and even the walls you will allow the cushions to blend into your room but also allow your sofa to stand out as the centrepiece of your living room. If you have a large rug in your living room, then it is important to make sure that your cushions match the colour of the rug so they do not to compete for attention.

The great thing about cushion covers is that they can be changed very easily depending on the season. For summer it is best to go for brighter, more energetic colours like yellow, orange and green whereas in the winter you may want to go for darker, and cosy colours like brown or darker shades of red.
Also, it is important to make sure to limit the number of patterns that you choose to two or three. Anymore than that can be too strong and just one pattern can be quite bland. A good rule of thumb would be to focus on your favourite pattern while adding the other two patterns subtly. For instance, if you are planning to use six cushions for your arrangement, have three in a striped pattern, two in a chequered pattern and one in a floral pattern.

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