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Khaddar – A Timeless Classic

Also known as Khadi, Khaddar is a type of cloth created on a handloom from natural fibres. Typically made from cotton, this style of weaving is common in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

The cloth is created on a spinning wheel called a charkha. Although cotton is the most common raw material used to make the yarn that becomes Khaddar fabric, it may also be made from silk or wool. Khaddar is somewhat unique in the fact that the fabric is often starched to give it a stiffer feel. This robustness has led to it being widely adopted in fashion circles, both for its quality and timeless feel.

Khaddar has a rich and long history in Bangladesh. Variations of the fabric have been described by historians since the 12th century, including Marco Polo, who acknowledged how fine the material was, describing it as being like a spider’s web. Khadi then became a firm favourite with the rich and powerful within the late Roman Empire, which imported huge amounts through the newly opened Eastern trade routes. This led to the weavers of Comilla gaining world renown as experts in their craft.

As India moved towards self-rule, Khaddar weaving played a key role in developing an independent and sustainable economy. Gandhi, a weaver himself, inspired the local weavers of Comilla to export their goods to other areas of India. It was this event that gave the industry a much-needed boost that it has sustained to this day.

Today, the industry employs over one million people and still retains many of its traditional hallmarks. Although handlooms have been replaced with industrial weaving machines, the fabric itself is still of the highest quality. Our Khaddar cushion range is made from the highest-quality traditional material.

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