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Tangail – The Tale Behind the Mangos…

Tangail is a district in the central region of Bangladesh. It has the second largest population in the country, just after the Dhaka district. During the rainy season the local river Jamuna actually becomes up to four miles wide, making it one of the widest rivers in the world during this time.

It is amazing that around 49% of the population of Tangail work within agriculture. The main fruit product that is grown in the region is mangos. It is because of the humid weather that the mangos grow to their distinctive size. The exporting of their fruit produce outside of the region is what makes Tangail mangos so iconic, thus the local people love to integrate this into their weaving patterns and designs.

The weaving industry provides the second largest amount of employment in the Tangail district. With over 60,000 looms recorded in the region in 2013, woven products are created and exported around the world. Tangail sarees are known for their quality construction and attractive designs.

Created by hand, a traditional Tangail saree can take up to three days to complete. It is this level of craftsmanship that has allowed to industry to grow to a level where it supports over 300,000 people throughout the region.

A traditional Tangail saree is made of both cotton and silk, making it both light and breathable. Usually featuring a flower design, they are worn by women in Bangladesh and of Bangladeshi origin worldwide. The fabric is traditionally associated with festivals, including Eid and Puja, where demand increases dramatically.

You will notice that within our very own Tangail cushion range , within every design there is a unique but subtle mango presence. For example, within our Blue Mango cushion the distinctive golden mangos take centre stage as they draw the eye into the design.

(each cushion is 20 x 20 inches in size)

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